The Naked Truth : LOVE Interior Aromatic Mist

Love Interior Aromatic Spray

The NAKED TRUTH: L16 LOVE Interior Aromatic Spray

Everything you ever wanted to know about LOVE

Love Interior Aromatic Spray Naked Truth

HAND MADE for the best results.

Steps to blending Interior Aromatic sprays…

  • Tumbled crystals and stones are added to each bottle. Crystals have been rinsed and set with intention during the full moon phase. In addition to the added vibes, these little guys also help shake up the essential oil + distilled water blend.
  • Drops of individual essential oils are added to each bottle. I find that this results in the freshest product, that maintains the integrity and properties of each essential oil ingredient. Oils are not batch mixed, nor are any of our Interior Aromatics.
  • Distilled water is added to each bottle
  • Bottles are then individually capped, and shaken to blend
  • Seals are added to the tops of the bottles, for an extra layer of protection


Origin STORY

When I first moved to LA, I Was enamored and entranced during the Spring-time blooms.  Sweet jasmine and citrus blossoms flood the city with their hypnotic magic.  Driving in the car, walking on the streets, one is enveloped in the sensual qualities of these fantastic blossoms.  When I first set out to create a collection of 4 scents- PEACE, LOVE, CAPTAIN AND WOOD- I knew I wanted to include a blend that emulated this experience. 

I worked with the apparent- Neroli and Jasmine and then discovered the buttery sweet white flower Ylang Ylang which layers so well with these other gorgeous white flowers.  My point of view is less about pristine beauty and more about casual, off kilter, natural gorgeousness.  Hence, I spiked these white flowers with Patchouli and Vetiver, combined with the sweetness of Bois de Rose- this combination created that unique Springtime in Los Angeles scent.

Love the LOVE!

How to / Where to / When to Use

  •  Make LOVE to your linens- Create sensual vibes in your bedroom by misting sheets before bedtime. 
  • Personal refresh / Laundry refresh. Years ago a client told me she would mist herself before leaving for work.  When she’d be on the subway to the office, passersby would stop and ask her what she was wearing.  Not that this is so uncommon, but I think what people were responding to those essential oil ingredients.
  • Spritz the insides of Cashmere Sweaters, Favorite Sweatshirts and dry-cleanable layers that need a refresh once in a while. Focus on smelly zones for the best result.
  • Even though this is a ‘Dirty’ Floral- I have loads of male customers that enjoy the sultry-sexiness of a white flower grounded out with Patchouli and Vetiver.
  • Refresh intimates.  Mist under garments to refresh and extend wearability
  • Spritz the bathroom after use to Refresh and Clear the air
  • An excellent laundry refresh- spritz laundry when you open the dryer.  Giving your gear a sweet and unexpected floral scent.
  • Love to fly or Not so much? Use this to create some warm, loving vibes in your seat.  (Also, this one is a crowd pleaser so won’t offend. Spritz in the on-board lavatory to alleviate those chemical stinky vibes.  Create your own space while in public spaces with this fine mist

LOVE + Layering…

  • LOVE Interior Aromatic + PEACE Interior Aromatic (Spray or diffuse) This was my intro to layering these lovelies.  If you are a perfume fan and enjoy those deep layered scents- this will be great for you!
  • LOVE Interior Aromatic LOVE Aromatic Candle For the ultimate LOVE layering- Douse your space in these aromatherapeutic properties
  • LOVE Interior Aromatic + SACRED Aromatic Incense (Spray or diffuse) Take this trip to a souk in Morocco- with these layered scents, create a heavy, potent and sensual vibe no matter where you are.
  • LOVE Interior Aromatic + ALCHEMY Interior Aromatic (Spray or diffuse together) Serve the ultimate modern floral punch with these two California vibe-heavy scents.  Combine and create a season-less trip with an edgy floral vibe.
Love Interior Aromatic Spray
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