The Naked Truth : PEACE Interior Aromatic Mist

Peace Interior Aromatic natural linen, room, mood spray.  16 ounce black glass bottle made with essential oils of palo santo, sandalwood,frankincense and distilled water. Laying on a bed with white sheets.


Peace Interior Aromatic.  The naked truth about Peace.  Black glass bottle sitting on top of an ocean side cliff in Malibu, California.  Made with distilled water and essential oils of palo santo, sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli.


 Everything you ever wanted to know about PEACE

HAND MADE for the best results.

  • Steps to blending Interior Aromatic sprays…Tumbled crystals and stones are added to each bottle. Crystals have been rinsed and set with intention during the full moon phase. In addition to the added vibes, these little guys also help shake up the essential oil + distilled water blend.
  • Drops of individual essential oils are added to each bottle. I find that this results in the freshest product, that maintains the integrity and properties of each essential oil ingredient. Oils are not batch mixed, nor are any of our Interior Aromatics
  • Distilled water is added to each bottle
  • Bottles are then individually capped, and shaken to blend
  • Seals are added to the tops of the bottles, for an extra layer of protection


  • Distilled Water
  • Sandalwood essential oil Origin Australia
  • Palo Santo essential oil Origin Ecuador Sustainably harvested
  • Patchouli essential oil Origin Indonesia
  • Frankincense essential oil Origin Egypt


  • Palo Santo sustainably harvested- What does this mean? It means the oil is harvested from tress that are not living.  Palo Santo is extracted from *fallen wood trees as a standard practice, and our partners plant a tree for every tree that they harvest.
  • Australian Sandalwood sustainable harvest from *fallen wood trees. 
  • *Fallen wood- A natural curing process happens to oils as they lay in a dormant non-living tree. Enhancing the existing natural scent profiles, this method produces rich, unique, and potent results.

PEACE to the rescue…

How to / Where to / When to Use

  • Mist the air and your space as a general mood lifter and great way to gently scent your space.
  • Use in your electric essential oil diffuser- I splash about 1/8-1/4 cup or 1 to 2oz of Interior Aromatic into the water reservoir for those aromatherapy benefits.
  • Spray the air around your desk / Got a meeting in the office? Spray some PEACE to enhance focus with essential oils like Palo Santo and Patchouli.
  • Study+Work zone- Spray or diffuse while you’re working or studying from home.
  • Spritz the insides of Cashmere Sweaters, Favorite Sweatshirts and dry-cleanable layers that need a refresh every once in awhile
  • Mist linens a couple hours before bed to harness the calming properties of the essential oil ingredients. May the PEACE be with you, Sweet dreams…
  • Give your sofa a few sprays to refresh and to add some nice chill out vibes in your living space.
  • Use the 3oz PEACE Aromatic Concentrate in the car to ground out on the go. Living in LA we’re faced with traffic. We can’t control traffic, but we can control the way we react to it. PEACE chills me out and brings me back to center, helps me react with calm, cool and collected-ness.

 PEACE + Layering…

The way I use my personal stash of SANDOVAL products is to layer my favorites. This creates a rich, multi-layered, longer lasting result.  If you’re missing those scent memories of synthetics past, this is the way to your heart! Elevate your fragrance journey through layering natural, plant powered Interior Aromatics, Aromatic Candles and Aromatic Incense.

  • PEACE layers well with so many products in the SANDOVAL collection, these are my fave 5 combos to help you accomplish an elevated scent experience. 
  • PEACE Interior Aromatic + ALCHEMY Interior Aromatic in the essential oil diffuser
  • PEACE Interior Aromatic + ALCHEMY Interior Aromatic + diffuse WOOD Interior Aromatic
  • PEACE Interior Aromatic +SACRED Aromatic Incense (Diffuse or spray your space with Peace and burn a generous helping of SACRED)
  • PEACE Interior Aromatic + diffuse ALCHEMY Interior Aromatic +Burn a WOOD Aromatic Candle
  • PEACE Interior Aromatic + Burn a SPIRIT Aromatic Candle

 Any questions about PEACE? Reach out to us at 

                      Peace Interior Aromatic Linen Spray placed on a fresh bed of white sheets




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