PEACE Interior Aromatic


An aromatic aid for meditation and creativity, Peace is a blend of natural woods and resins that have been used for generations to enlighten the mind, release negative energy, and create a sense of serenity. Purifying palo santo meets sweet frankincense and grounding patchouli in a fusion that quiets the mind and calms the spirit.

To experience Peace’s serene benefits, mist fresh sheets, the air, or your sofa to refresh your space. To use with an essential oil diffuser, add a a couple splashes into your diffuser with water and let Peace fill your space with Aromatherapeutic benefits.

This bottle contains Amethyst and Rosequartz crystals that have been charged under the full moon to amplify intention and elevate your experience.   

Peace is made in California with distilled water and pure essential oils from around the world. 16oz glass bottle now shipping with tumbled Rose Quartz crystals.

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