PALO SANTO Aromatic Incense

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Clear the air, find your frequency, feel yourself. Practice the sensual art of incense with extra-large cones made from 100% sustainable palo santo from the Andes Mountains of Peru. PALO SANTO aromatic incense smells like a good date feels — uncanny, transcendent, and with a smell that lingers long after they’re gone. With notes of dark forest clearings, crumpled sheets, and the sweet bite of early morning, this is incense that manifests a midnight guest.

For centuries, palo santo, or “wood of the saints,” has been used to clear energies and purify spaces. Make room for the good things in life. Make room for who you’re becoming. Burn a PALO SANTO incense cone daily to reset your mind, perfume your hair, and refresh the air. Light before guests arrive. Light after lovers depart. Or light alone to sanctify the most sacred of bodies — your own.


Scent Notes: Bone-dry wood, stolen smokes, sunburnt sheets, lovers old and new.

How to Use: 

Place a PALO SANTO incense cone in a heat-safe surface or vessel, light cone tip until flame forms a cherry, then extinguish. Burn time: 25 minutes. Try burning while nude to perfume the whole body.


  • 18 incense cones from the Peruvian Andes
  • Organic incense that is fair trade, sustainably and ethically sourced palo santo and vegetable gum, free from synthetics, additives, or synthetic binders or igniters.
  • Tinted glass jar with dome cap offers UV protection to maintain the integrity of cones
  • Extra thick cone burns for 20+ minutes — ideal for larger spaces that need heavier scenting or for moments that call for clearing the air
  • Hand made in Peru.


The Source: 

Sustainably sourced from Peru. Our cones are made from trees that fall naturally and cure in the sun untouched for up to four years. 



We strive to create sustainable products that elevate your fragrance rituals. Our scents are rich in natural aromatherapy benefits and free from synthetic perfumes and additives that can disrupt the rhythms of the body. Speaking of rhythm, give our products a shake — each one contains a tumbled crystal that helps blend our scents with every use and, of course, keeps the spiritual and sensual energy flowing. 

90% of our packaging components are recyclable glass vessels. To save resources, we do not use secondary packaging for our products. Our natural fragrances are cruelty, phthalate, aldehyde, paraben, synthetic fragrance-free, and vegan. We work hard to bring you the best that nature has to offer and encourage you to use our scents as you forge a more conscious life. Let’s get high. 

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