Captain Interior Aromatic Spray


Awaken a sense of adventure with Captain, a handsome and spicy blend inspired by heritage men’s cologne. Creamy sandalwood, earthy patchouli, and herbaceous lavender join forces to create a modern update on a vintage classic. A hint of spicy bay rum leaf ignites the spirit of discovery within your mind, creating a crisp and fresh  scent experience that clears the air. 

To experience Captain’s inspirational benefits, mist fresh sheets, the air, or your sofa to refresh your space. Add a couple of splashes into your essential oil diffuser with water and let CAPTAIN fill your space with Aromatherapeutic benefits.

Each bottle contains Obsidian, Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye stones to amplify intention and elevate your experience.   

Hand made in California with distilled water and pure essential oils from around the world. 

16oz glass bottle

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