The Naked Truth : WOOD Interior Aromatic Mist

Wood Interior Aromatic Spray  Linen Spray, Room Spray made with essential oils and distilled water

The NAKED TRUTH: W16 WOOD Interior Aromatic Spray

Everything you ever wanted to know about WOOD

Wood Interior Aromatic Spray, room spray, linen spray, air freshener housed in a 16 ounce black glass bottle

HAND MADE for the best results.

Steps to blending Interior Aromatic sprays…

  • Tumbled crystals and stones are added to each bottle. Crystals have been rinsed and set with intention during the full moon phase. In addition to the added vibes, these little guys also help shake up the essential oil + distilled water blend.
  • Drops of individual essential oils are added to each bottle. I find that this results in the freshest product, that maintains the integrity and properties of each essential oil ingredient. Oils are not batch mixed, nor are any of our Interior Aromatics.
  • Distilled water is added to each bottle
  • Bottles are then individually capped, and shaken to blend
  • Seals are added to the tops of the bottles, for an extra layer of protection


  • Distilled Water
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil Origin Virginia, USA
  • Lavender Essential Oil Origin France
  • Marjoram Essential Oil Origin Egypt
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil Origin Australia
  • Cardamom Essential Oil Origin India
  • Fir Needle Essential Oil Origin Siberia
  • Black Pepper Essential Oil Origin India
  • Oakmoss Essential oil Origin France

Origin STORY

MUIR BEACH IN A BOTTLE. This scent was inspired by my many trips to Muir Beach in Marin County, CA.

I spent many an afternoon secluded in the lagoon at the far end of the beach.  The combination of the coniferous trees overhanging the beach and the ocean breeze transported me to another space and time.  When I was creating the original SANDOVAL scent range, I wanted to create something that replicates these scents.  Different from other “woody’ scents, our WOOD replicates the boggy, mossy and damp temperate coniferous forests of Northern California.  Fresh and crisp vs. smokey and powdery, WOOD invigorates and refreshes with an energy unlike any other.  I chose unexpected Marjoram and Cardamom Essential Oils to recreate those sweet and pungent wafts of the damp forest creating a unique scent profile.  I learned that sometimes the familiar is in the unexpected.

Muir Beach in Marin County California California fragrance


How to / Where to / When to Use

WOOD is the ‘Outdoors - Indoors’ vibe.  It really does smell like a mossy forest.  So, if you’re longing for those outdoor vibes use WOOD to transport you!

  • My favorite way to use WOOD is to diffuse it in my essential oil diffuser. This method brightens up my space and makes me think the wind is blowing through a coniferous forest, IN my house! Lol Use in your electric essential oil diffuser- I splash about 1/8-1/4 cup or 1 to 2oz of Interior Aromatic into the water reservoir for those aromatherapy benefits.
  • Linens definitely enjoy a fresh spritzing of WOOD, as do all the soft goods in your home.
  • Mist the air and your space as a general mood lifter and to gently scent your space.
  • I’ve been told that Wood is great for covering up pet smells especially cat smells. A friend drove her cat cross country and the cat peed in the car. If you don’t know- Cat pee is nearly unremovable.  After her trip, and trying to scrub and shampoo out the smell, she gave up. However, she was luckily surprised a week later when she realized she had spilled a bottle of WOOD that she left in her car., and the cat smell was suddenly gone.  The spilled bottle somehow wiped out the smell.  Maybe the essential oils it vaporized into the air of the closed hot car in LA and zapped away those strong ammonia scents associated with cat pee. Not sure but had to mention this one!
  • Bathroom- This is another favorite for this room. Like CAPTAIN, WOOD helps keep mildewy stink away. Don’t’ forget bathmats, and your fabric shower curtain- All the bathroom textiles+things!
  • Kitchen- Tried and true, I spritz my sink drain and cutting board on occasion to knock out oniony/garlicky scents that permeate and smell like a cellar.
  • Spritz the insides of Cashmere Sweaters, Favorite Sweatshirts and dry-cleanable layers that need a refresh every once in a while. Focus on smelly zones for the best result.
  • Give your sofa a few sprays and mist your space for a foresty-fresh punch!
  • Does your Home gym / yoga mat need refresh? WOOD is the perfect thing for this. Rather than masking it, this seems to actually alter existing stinkyness.

WOOD + Layering…

The way I use my personal stash of SANDOVAL products is to layer my favorites. This creates a rich, multi-layered, longer lasting result.  If you’re missing those scent memories of synthetics past, this is the way to your heart! Elevate your fragrance journey through layering natural, plant powered Interior Aromatics , Aromatic Candles and Aromatic Incense.

These are my favorite combos to help you accomplish an elevated, layered scent experience.

  • WOOD + PEACE + ALCHEMY Interior Aromatics in the essential oil diffuser
  • (MY ABSOLUTE FAVE DIFFUSER COMBO) This triple threat is Multi layered and beyond refreshing)
  • WOOD Interior Aromatic + Burn SACRED Aromatic Incense
  • (All the woody ingredients in these two combine to create a Wintery-Fresh scent, hearth-side scent, perfect for crisp Wintery evenings)
  • WOOD Interior Aromatic + Burn CLEAR Aromatic Incense (The crisp and punchy top notes of WOOD and the herbal green notes in CLEAR combine to create magic)
  • WOOD Interior Aromatic + Light a SPIRIT Aromatic Candle
  • WOOD + CAPTAIN Interior Aromatics in a diffuser or sprayed together.  These two go together ever so well, if you’re a fan of either, you’ll be a fan of both after Diffusing or misting these together.  They complement each other in the subtlest of ways to create a singular scent experience.

Wood Interior Aromatic Spray

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