The Naked Truth : CAPTAIN Interior Aromatic Mist

The Naked Truth : CAPTAIN Interior Aromatic Mist
Captain Interior Aromatic Spray. Black glass bottle, contains essential oil blend of bay rum, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood. Room spray, linen spray, laundry spray, essential oil spray

Everything you ever wanted to know about CAPTAIN

This spicy, handsome blend awakens your Fall vibes

HAND MADE for the best results.

  • Steps to blending Interior Aromatic sprays…Tumbled crystals and stones are added to each bottle. Crystals have been rinsed and set with intention during the full moon phase. In addition to the added vibes, these little guys also help shake up the essential oil + distilled water blend.
  • Drops of individual essential oils are added to each bottle. I find that this results in the freshest product, that maintains the integrity and properties of each essential oil ingredient. Oils are not batch mixed, nor are any of our Interior Aromatics
  • Distilled water is added to each bottle
  • Bottles are then individually capped, and shaken to blend
  • Seals are added to the tops of the bottles, for an extra layer of protection


  • Distilled Water
  • Bay West Indies Essential oil Origin Dominican Republic
  • Lavender Essential oil Origin France
  • Patchouli Essential Oil Origin Indonesia
  • Sandalwood Essential oil Origin Australia

Origin STORY...

CAPTAIN was the first scent I created for my own home and for gifts about 12 years ago when I lived in San Francisco.  I lived in a quintessential garden level apartment in the Castro. The yard boasted - fruit trees, and mossy bricks- key word mossy. San Francisco homes can be a bit damp and musty, so I realize  needed to create something that would refresh my space without over powering. 

At this time I was also becoming more conscious about toxic products in my house and in my life.  I wanted to make a shift away from the synthetic room sprays I used to buy at Barneys and created something of my own. There is an incredible, grocery store in San Francisco called Rainbow Cooperative Market.  Rainbow has the best health and beauty section form which I purchased my soaps, and personal body care.  They also have a small selection of essential oils.  I had a few friends that time who introduced me to using essential oils, so I was vaguely familiar but hadn’t experimented with blending essential oils until this point in 2008.  Rainbow provided the space for me to experiment with this.  I sniffed all they had to offer, and came away with Bay Rum, Lavender and Patchouli. 

The West Indies Bay (Bay Rum) oil reminded me so much of my grandfather, Gilbert Sandoval Delarosa, and the colognes he wore in the 70s and 80s.  Not only did I have an amazing innate response to this oil, it also had an emotional connection for me. I experimented with ratios and blending techniques and developed this refreshing, spicy, and handsome scent that brought my apartment back to life.  I sprayed myself, My space and turned it into my go-to spray.  I bottled and sold this lovely blend 7 years later when I started SANDOVAL.


How to / Where to / When to Use

CAPTAIN is the all-time multi purpose spray we offer, this one is great in every room of the house, but here are my favorite ways to use it!

I refresh my sheets after I get up with a few spritzes of CPATAIN. A clean, bright scent that makes my sheets smell lovely.

  • Mist the air and your space as a general mood lifter and to gently scent your space.
  • Use in your electric essential oil diffuser- I splash about 1/8-1/4 cup or 1 to 2oz of Interior Aromatic into the water reservoir for those aromatherapy benefits.
  • Bathroom- I love this scent on my towels, it helps keep mildewy stink away. Don’t’ forget bath mats, and your fabric shower curtain- All the bathroom textiles+things!
  • Tried and true- This is the natural denim refresher from the gods! Generously spray the inside of your favorite jeans to occasionally skip washing
  • Spritz the insides of Cashmere Sweaters, Favorite Sweatshirts and dry-cleanable layers that need a refresh every once in awhile. Focus on smelly zones for the best result.
  • Does anyone else’s Baseball caps, beanie and scarves get stinky? Spray with Captain and notice those smells go way
  • Hair! Yes, I even refresh my hair with the 3oz Aromatic Concentrate. I Focus on misting my hair versus scalp. West Indies Bay has been used in barber shops and men’s grooming of all kinds for centuries. Originally brought to Europe and North America via the West Indian trade routes.
  • Give your sofa a few sprays to refresh and to add some nice chill out vibes in your living space.
  • Learn about more CAPTAIN hacks+ in our Fall Essentials guide...
  • Dog beds- Megan O’Neill from goop calls it “The Room-Mist Miracle” Check out her article for an epic write up on CAPTAIN. )

CAPTAIN + Layering…

The way I use my personal stash of SANDOVAL products is to layer my favorites. This creates a rich, multi-layered, longer lasting result.  If you’re missing those scent memories of synthetics past, this is the way to your heart! Elevate your fragrance journey through layering natural, plant powered Interior Aromatics, Aromatic Candles and Aromatic Incense.

These are my fave 5 combos to help you accomplish an elevated, layered scent experience.

Any questions about CAPTAIN? Reach out to us at

Captain Interior Aromatic Black glass bottle with essential oil blend of bay rum, sandalwood, patchouli and lavender.  Room spray, linen spray, air freshener, lifestyle spray.



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