A few essentials that we find helpful all year long...
With all the new interactions coming- Traveling, going to camp, going on a retreat, back to school or office, whether that’s college, primary or high school, carpools, new dorm-mates, playmates, office mates and roommates. We'll definitely be touching a lot more door handles, gas pumps and elevator buttons. Why not stay fresh with our REFRESH?
Refresh aromatic hand spray + deodorant
Available in 2oz travel and 16oz refill sizes. Take that extra step of cleanliness with Organic alcohol, Essential oils of lavender, palo santo, frankincense and a soft touch of organic golden jojoba oil
  • Refresh hands on the go, at school, in the car, or the office
  • Keep a bottle in your purse, bag, backpack, car and office drawer
  • Use at the gym for hands, gear and equipment
  • Mist yourself for a natural deodorant experience 
  • Go sustainable and grab a 16oz glass refill bottle
  • Made with Organic Alcohol, Essential oils of Lavender, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Aloe Vera and Organic Golden Jojoba oil

I remember those days of studying or writing term papers in a shared dorm room.  It was a challenge to focus I.e., Kicking your roommate out for a few hours or enduring and making it work! Solution: Create a calm and focused space by using PEACE Interior Aromatic. 

Elevate focused study vibes with ingredients like Sandalwood, Frankincense and Palo Santo. All known for their grounding, calming, and focusing properties. Harness those meditative vibes by spraying your space with PEACE or splashing some into your essential oil diffuser. 

  • Before studying or beginning new projects spray your space and yourself to create an elevated,  peaceful and focused energy 
  • Add a few splashes to your essential oil diffuser for an uplifting aromatherapy experience
  • Keep your home office grounded with a spray or diffusion 
  • Mist your sheets before bedtime for PEACE-ful dreams 
  • Mist your sheets in the morning to keep them fresh 
  • Go sustainable and grab a 3oz Peace Aromatic Concentrate to refill your 16 ounce bottle
  • Hand Made with distilled water, essential oils housed in a recyclable glass bottle 

Captain Interior aromatic black glass bottle.  made with essential oils of lavender, bay rum, patchouli, sandalwood.  laundry refresh, room refresh. linen refresh.

Another thing about living in the dorms, or college apartments, was the dreaded laundry challenge. Since my family lived a couple hours away from my college, I was naughty and usually saved my laundry for Holiday visits. Eek I wish I was making these sprays back then! 

Can’t find the time for laundry? Refresh your linens and favorite jeans or hoodie with one of our Interior Aromatics. Buy some time until the next laundry mission.  Our crowd favorite CAPTAIN Interior Aromatic is great for this. Lavender and Bay Rum get rid of odor instead of covering it up. Think of it as the grown up version of Febreeze. Use it to refresh workout gear and gym equipment, linens, towels and even stinky sneakers.  One of these 16 oz bottles will last a couple of months, keeping everything fresher and clearing time for focusing on studies. 

  • Spray the insides of jeans, sweatshirts, and all your fave pieces 
  • Mist your bed when you get up in the morning to refresh
  • Spray the bathroom mats and towels
  • Use on backpacks, sneakers, exercise gear and equipment
  • Go sustainable and grab a 3oz Captain Aromatic Concentrate to refill your 16 ounce bottle
  • And PS- That dorm room will be smelling so great; it will be the envy of the hall.
  • Hand Made with distilled water, essential oils housed in a recyclable glass bottle  


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