GEAR REBOOT : Dirty denim? Favorite work shirt? That sweatshirt you’ve worn for a month?

Revitalize your wardrobe with our aromatic mists.

natural aromatic concentrate set


For transcendent RESULTS, pick the Aromatic Concentrate that lights your fire. These little guys have higher levels of natural essential oils and come with an ultra-fine atomizer to Instantly refresh any gear in need.


Scent and refresh everything from your daily uniform to delicate intimates with LOVE Aromatic Concentrate. Carry notes of California Jasmine and Ylang Ylang with you all day.

 Woman holding LOVE aromatic concentrate, which can be used as a natural room and linen spray, fragrance for favorite clothes, or as a natural hair perfume.
 Person in a sweatshirt and boxers holding a SANDOVAL aromatic natural room spray made from gentle essential oils and perfect for use on linens and clothes.


CAPTAIN is our favorite for refreshing the clothes you live in. For best results, mist the inside and outside of sweatshirts, tanks, and tees, focusing on armpits and anywhere you sweat. Throw them on, spray CAPTAIN in the air, and walk on through to complete the reboot.

A Great Pair of Jeans is Like a Soulmate —

You want them against your body all the time. We call that LOVE. Wear that pair More often and extend your time between washes with a few spritzes of LOVE Aromatic Concentrate. Spray inside and out, concentrating on crotch and bum zones. Pull on, Pull Off, Refresh, Repeat. 

P.S. Share the LOVE. Any of Our Aromatic Mists Work Great on Denim. Switch Up Your Scent According to Plans, Mood, or Horoscope.

Person in denim holding LOVE aromatic concentrate in their hand. This concentrated room and linen spray is made from natural essential oils including jasmine and ylang ylang.

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