White pillows thrown on a black couch after we refreshed them with one of our aromatic interior sprays. Each natural fragrance is perfect for scenting living rooms and other textiles, including drapes and curtains and couches and sofas.

REFRESH TEXTILES : Don’t forget the living room. Pillows, sofas, and blankets love a periodic refresh. Grab an Interior Aromatic to rejuvenate and subtly scent every Inch. Your space deserves It.

Our natural room and linen sprays are made from essential oils that both scent and refresh fabrics.


Safe for use on most fabrics and textiles, think of our aromatics as natural purifiers. Pull off Your flat sheet, drape over a chair, and mist generously with CAPTAIN for a powerful revive between washes. Lavender And Sandalwood essential oils add fresh vibes, while bay rum feels familiar in the best possible way.


Us, too. Mist those sheets with PEACE for a more tranquil afternoon siesta or disco nap.

A sofa bed that we’ve sprayed with one of our natural aromatic mists. Perfect for a fragrant nap!
Drapes misted with our interior aromatic room and linen sprays.


When was the last time you cleaned those curtains? Mist them regularly with any of our Interior Aromatics, and let the essential oils do their good work. Plant-powered Ingredients don’t just scent the space, they purify and reset. Stop and smell the power.

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