Sacred Aromatic Incense


Consecrate the energy of your space with this 100% natural incense handmade with creamy sandalwood and purifying palo santo. Designed to elevate and protect your personal sanctuary, this ancient scent ritual calms the senses and harmonizes the home and creates the feeling of a relaxing hearth-side fire.

Manifest a sacred space through your own personal incense ritual. Scoop a portion of SACRED onto a fire-safe vessel, light with a lighter until a glowing ember forms, waft periodically to enhance the burn. No charcoal necessary.

Each jar of ground incense powder contains an Amethyst crystal. Bathed in the light of the full moon, this stone helps cleanse your home of negative energy while opening your mind to spiritual enlightenment, and clarity.

Hand blended in California with natural Sandalwood and Palo Santo. 

2oz glass jar

Check out demonstration videos on our Instagram Story Highlights.


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