CLEAR Aromatic Incense


Inspired by the warm spring breezes that pass through our garden, Clear is a fresh beginning for your home. Soothing Organic French Lavender, Desert Sage from Taos New Mexico and California native San Luis Purple Sage from our herb garden clear negative energy and wash away stress with a fresh herbaceous and floral scent. Burn it in the evening to release yourself from the workday, or in the morning to start anew with a cleansing scent experience. 

Use the tools of ancient wisdom to create your own rituals. CLEAR space with your own personal incense ritual. Scoop a portion of CLEAR onto a fire-safe vessel, light with a lighter until a glowing ember forms, waft periodically to enhance the burn. 

Scoop a small amount of Clear onto a fire-safe vessel, and ignite until a glowing ember forms. Waft periodically to feed the burn. No charcoal necessary.

Each jar of ground incense contains an amethyst tumbled crystal. Bathed in the light of the full moon, this stone helps cleanse your home of negative energy while opening your mind to spiritual enlightenment, and clarity.

Hand blended in California with natural herbs.

2oz jar


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