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Re-launching this post from last Fall, as these tips for back to school feel so relevant to our seasonal shift that’s happening. The weather warms, the activities commence and we all need a little grounding out.

 Amanda Gibby Peters  of Simple Shu Amanda shares some feng shui tips and great info, exploring how to encourage, enhance and elevate your shui, utilizing WOOD, a Sandoval tool that strikes a balance between practicality and beautiful natural fragrance. -There’s a grounded and down to earth perspective that she channels her feng shui knowledge through that’s an awesome fit with Sandoval.

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If you have a house of ambivalence right now, let me share the perfect RX: Sandoval’s Wood Interior Aromatic Mist.

This mist blends the chi of earthy vetiver, cedarwood bonfires, ancient sandalwood, rich cardamom, and bittersweet marjoram essential oils. 

One of my favorite authors, Robin Wall Kimmerer said, “in some Native languages the term for plants translates to ‘those who take care of us.’” 

And that’s precisely why Wood Interior Aromatic Mist is made for this time of year. by starting +/or ending the day with a quick spritz around your home, you’re planting the support needed now and in the coming months.

WOOD delivers the chi of earthy vetiver, cedarwood bonfires, ancient sandalwood, rich cardamom, and bittersweet marjoram essential oils – a perfect mingling of powerhouse essential oils. Take a quick glimpse and you’ll agree:

Vetiver Essential Oil is persuasively grounding, reassuring, and a great antidote to restlessness.

Cedarwood Essential Oil serves up antiseptic properties (yes, please!) and purges “low-grade” energy that tends to come home with us the busier we get.

Sandalwood Essential Oil has a long-standing reputation for calming our mental chatter and encouraging focus – which is a great ingredient to have in the air when we need a moment (or many!) of peace.

Cardamom Essential Oil reduces stress and fights fatigue, which is a friend to have on hand when accelerating out of the ease of summer into the potential fall frenzy.

Marjoram is often noted as the herb of happiness, so it’s no surprise this essential oil soothes tension and helps us manage that fight-or-flight response that is so easily triggered in new or stressful situations.

ALL of that is here in one bottle and made from fair trade, sustainably and ethically sourced essential oils that are free from synthetics, additives, or synthetic binders.

And to top all that off, each bottle holds obsidian, carnelian, and tiger’s eye energy stones!

Here at chez Simple Shui, my favorite way to “dispense” this mist is to stand in the center of our house, give it a hearty spritz, and then waft the mist with my hand in the direction of each gua (or life area). I also love employing it when our home needs a good energetic zhuzh. starting at the front door, I give every room (or gua) three spritzes.

Here’s what I know for sure: however you decide to invite this bounty of a blend into your home, your bottle won’t last long because it’ll only take a few mists to realize what refreshing company it is!

Michael's Tips:

- Mist fresh sheets and towels coming out of the dryer. Mist sheets on your bed to revive and instill a hint of the forest in your bed.

- Give the sofa a quick spritz-over to refresh the space.

- Diffuse in your essential oil diffuser / humidifier ( the kind that need water as well as the oil ) I do this in the car, since I live in a desert- It brings me the vibes of the forest and that 'green' earth that I miss.

-Diffuse in the house- I run my diffuser in the evening while relaxing,, and WOOD makes it feel like I'm chilling in a forest. Also diffuse at night while you sleep, so that you can take a "Forest Bath" in your bed!

-Great for refreshing my sweatshirts and sweaters- and hats. My baseball cap can always use a misting to keep it fresh.

-This one is also excellent for the dog bed- The green-crisp scent knocks out musty smells.

-Stinky garbage disposals / dish drains in the kitchen could always use a touch of this to kick out the stale food scents.


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