A SANDOVAL x Simple Shui series : PEACE OUT!

A SANDOVAL x Simple Shui series : PEACE OUT!

SANDOVAL x Simple Shui:


 I'm excited to continue this series of collaborations with Amanda Gibby Peters, of Simple Shui. Let's explore how our PEACE  can elevate your space, through Amanda's grounded and down to earth perspective of feng shui ...
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PEACE allows us to take a moment  before charging ahead. Essential oils of Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Frankincense are known for their meditative and calming qualities and for their ability to clear energy. In the company of PEACE, we can move forward through this eclipse season with more grace and more awareness.

...Allowing you to create the energy that you'd like to evolve through


Palo Santo sustainably harvested- What does this mean? It means the oil is harvested from tress that are not living.  Palo Santo is extracted from *fallen wood trees as a standard practice, and our partners plant a tree for every tree that they harvest. Australian Sandalwood is sourced from a sustainable harvest of *fallen wood trees. *Fallen wood- A natural curing process happens to oils as they lay in a dormant non-living tree. Enhancing the existing natural scent profiles, this method produces rich, unique, and potent results.

Let the Shui Begin...

Take your space to the next level...
This round we're exploring how to encourage, enhance and elevate your shui, utilizing this Sandoval tool that strikes a balance between practicality and beautiful natural fragrance. You’ll learn how PEACE's ingredients lift your Shui for the coming holiday season, and how to implement practices to take your space to the next level.

The Shui of PEACE with Amanda....

As the holiday glitterati nears, now is the time to curate some calm before that full-tilt whirlwind blows in. which means, if you start today, you can program your home to be *peace* full so chaos doesn’t stand a chance.

 ...and I am going to let you in on one of my little secrets this time of year: Sandoval’s Peace Aromatic Mist.

 If you know, you know that I am obsessed with Frankincense and Palo Santo. so, for me to have those two powerhouses on hand and mingling in a bottle – ooh-la-LOVE! they are the perfect “bouncers” for any home, any time…but this time of year? It's the perfect back-up support for keeping unwanted energy (coming in or coming home with you) moving right along!

 ...added to them is Sandalwood – another essential oil that helps us keep our wits.

 Topping it all off is a little Patchouli, too, for encouraging more stress-free decisions and prioritizing breathing room for ourselves.

 So, between now and the end of the year, the ritual that starts my day is giving our home a quick dose of Peace. Three spritzes per room, and we’re set!




 TIP ONE: If I am feeling the antagonizing pressure of keeping up with everything, I mist our bedroom before bed so I can slip into a long exhale that helps me catch those Zzzzs.

 TIP TWO: Last minute company? I head upstairs and spritz those rooms back to life, knowing that the medley of Frank, Palo, Sandy and Patch will descend downstairs, invigorating the air.

 TIP THREE: If it’s been a minute since Ruby’s last grooming appointment, instead of Febreze, it’s PEACE “out” for those odors here.

Head to Amanda's blog post for more tips on how she uses PEACE to turn it up a notch...


TIP ONE: Our best seller for good reason, the versatility of Peace is next level.  When I brush my teeth at night, knowing that i'll be in bed in about an hour, I turn down my bed and mist the sheets and pillows. Helping set the stage for a pleasant rest and for sweet dreams. Palo santo calms, frankincense takes those dreams to a more meaningful place and sandalwood put me to rest with an ancient healer. 

TIP TWO: IN the office, yes In the office! Don't we all want to work in peace? I douse my office with PEACE at the beginning of the work day. I even add an extra dose before Zooming and phone calls. This blend helps set the stage for focused and grounded work moves- Like responding to a tricky email, keeping cool in daunting tasks, and jumping into solution mode. 

TIP THREE: Yoga mat majorness- Not only cleans it, but it also infuses it with all those great properties from the sandalwood, the palo santo and the frankincense, all things that create calm, encourage a meditative state, and clear the air. 

TIP FOUR: Walk on through, to the other side... Spray a few pumps of PEACE  into the air, and literally walk on through. Let those vibes permeate your our outfit, and your general being. I do this on the way out of the house- Take the vibes with you! 

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Take a deeper dive into Amanda's practical and impactful Feng Shui practices in her book 'Simple Shui for Everyday!'

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