SPIRIT and PEACE complement each other double time with this exclusive offer in partnership with SO MAJOR.

Spray or diffuse these SANDOVAL favorites together to create a custom scent experience or enjoy separately.

Rooted by the ancient scent of fossilized amber, Spirit combines notes of creamy Australian sandalwood and sweet buddha wood. Freshened with a burst of Siberian fir needles, this fresh, earthy fragrance is an aromatic ritual that quiets the mind, unburdens the soul, and ignites the body’s sensuality.

To experience SPIRIT’s soul-stirring benefits, mist fresh sheets, the air, or your sofa to refresh your space. To use with an essential oil diffuser, add 1/3 cup to your oil diffuser and let Spirit fill your home. Combine with PEACE and create an even richer scent experience.

An aromatic aid for meditation and creativity, Peace is a blend of natural woods and resins that have been used for generations to enlighten the mind, release negative energy, and create a sense of serenity. Purifying Palo Santo meets sweet frankincense and grounding patchouli in a fusion that quiets the mind and calms the spirit.

At 5 times the concentration of our Interior Aromatic, this Aromatic Concentrate is ideal for travel, with a focused mist that can be sprayed onto delicate garments, scarves and textiles. Take Peace with you when you’re on the road to detoxify your space and unfetter your mind. Add a splash into your oil diffuser and let Peace fill your space. Spritz in the car during traffic and get your Zen on!

Breathe deep when you use our products- Because you can! Have fun, experiment and find a method that works great for you.

Both bottles contain crystals that have been charged under the full moon with grounding and centering intentions.

Hand Made in California with essential oils and distilled H2O.

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