The ultimate multi-purpose Self-care spray.

Envelope yourself and elevate your space with the aroma therapeutic qualities of palo santo, lavender and frankincense essential oils, while soothing skin with organic golden jojoba oil and aloe vera. 16oz glass bottle contains 8x refills for your 2oz pocket size.

To Use:

Use this versatile spray to refresh and cleanse hands on the go, Use as a body mist to reinvigorate yourself, or Spritz under the arms as a refreshing deodorant.  You can even use this versatile spray on your yoga mat and work out gear, or simply spray REFRESH in the air as an aromatic scent. 

This bottle contains Obsidian stones that have been charged under the full moon to amplify clearing and protective intentions. Black sprayer included.

 *Ships By USPS Ground Service only. 1 x 16oz bottle per order/box. 

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