PEACE Everything Mist 1oz

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Everyone's favorite has landed in a convenient 1oz travel size- Use it for Everything! Exclusively available here and at the Auberge Resorts Collection Sussuro del Corazon in Punta de Mita, Mexico.

Note: This 1oz. Aromatic Everything Mist is designed for scenting every aspect of your life, even on the go. Use it anywhere that needs the thrill of a refresh — on woolens that smell a little stale or massaged into day-three hair for scent and shine. Mist yourself before and after yoga or meditation. It’s also travel-sized for deep inhales at 31,000 feet. Mist your seat and tray table when you need a little extra PEACE.

PEACE is a blend for navigating the push-pull of a modern world — a scent of everyday meditation, a balm for the spirit, and a counterbalance for the unquiet mind. Crafted from a blend of purifying palo santo, ancient frankincense, and grounding patchouli, it is a reminder to embrace progress and let go of perfection.

To breathe deeply before speaking. To listen first. To love ourselves. To love others for who they are. To breathe again. To exhale. To make space for what matters. And to remember that peace comes not when we open our eyes, but our minds.

Scent Notes : Kindled sandalwood. Wisps of palo santo. Meditation at dawn. Midnight Patchouli. Ancient frankincense.  Peruvian Palo Santo is verified by EcoCert and Cosmos Approved.

How to use : Travel-sized for breathing deeply at 31,000 feet. Mist yourself- Use it to refresh your hair between wash days, Spray lightly on yourself to add a touch of fragrance to yourself. Beyond that, go wild. Three spritzes on dry-clean only garments or high-traffic upholstery will neutralize unbecoming odors.

Some customers also like to use our aromatic mists as an everyday cologne, but remember that pure essential oils are potent. Avoid using on the body if you have sensitive skin.

Refresh Clothes | Reenergize Rooms | Reinvigorate Yourself 


We strive to create sustainable products that elevate your fragrance rituals. Our scents are rich in natural aromatherapy benefits and free from synthetic perfumes and additives that can disrupt the rhythms of the body. Speaking of rhythm, give our products a shake — each one contains a tumbled crystal that helps blend our scents with every use and, of course, keeps the spiritual and sensual energy flowing. 

90% of our packaging components are recyclable glass vessels. To save resources, we do not use secondary packaging for our products. Our natural fragrances are cruelty, phthalate, aldehyde, paraben, synthetic fragrance-free, and vegan. We work hard to bring you the best that nature has to offer and encourage you to use our scents as you forge a more conscious life. Let’s get high. 

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