PEACE Aromatic Candle

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PEACE is a blend for navigating the push-pull of a modern world — a scent of everyday meditation, a balm for the spirit, and a counterbalance for the unquiet mind. Crafted from a blend of purifying palo santo, ancient frankincense, and grounding patchouli, it is a reminder to embrace progress and let go of perfection. To breathe deeply before speaking. To listen first. To love ourselves. To love others for who they are. To breathe again. To exhale. To make space for what matters. And to remember that peace comes not when we open our eyes, but our minds.

Scent notes : Kindled palo santo. meditation at dawn. midnight patchouli. ancient frankincense.

Each hand-poured candle anoints our signature scents with smoldering depth. As essential oils unfurl through the addition of heat, they produce a warm ambiance that lingers for hours.

How to use : Trim the lead-free wick to ¼” and burn for up to 4 hours at a time. Because our candles are made with pure essential oils, even a 20-minute burn will linger for hours. Each candle will last for up to 50 hours. Use your empty glass jar to grow something green.

Tinted glass jar,Airtight lid wards off oxidation, preserving the potency of essential oils. (It’s also travel-friendly.) Coconut oil base. Lead-free cotton wick. Made with fair trade, sustainably and ethically sourced essential oils free from synthetics, and additives.  Peruvian Palo Santo is verified by EcoCert and Cosmos Approved.

Each candle contains a tumbled crystal stone to keep the energy flowing.
Handpoured in Los Angeles, California.

Warm the mood | Anoint the space | Elevate the ambiance

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