Peace Aromatic Candle


An aromatic aid for meditation and creativity, Peace is a blend of natural woods and resins that have been used for generations to enlighten the mind, release negative energy, and create a sense of serenity. Purifying palo santo meets sweet frankincense and grounding patchouli in a fusion that transforms your home into a sanctuary.

This jar contains a quartz crystal point that has been charged under the full moon to amplify intention and elevate your experience. 

This candle is made with a coconut oil blend to preserve the pure scent of essential oils. Please burn with care on a fire-safe surface. To enjoy 50+ hours of burn time, trim the lead-free wick to ¼’’ and burn for 4 hours at a time. Replace the cap only after the flame is fully extinguished. 

Screw on cap is great for traveling and for snuffing out smokey after-burn. Maintain ingredient integrity by keeping cap screwed on when candle is not in use. Candle is self-contained with no secondary packaging.

-7.5oz glass jar now shipping with a quartz crystal

-Approximate burn time 50 hours 

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