LOVE Aromatic Candle


Let Love into your home with the lush scent of fresh flowers. A transcendent blend of sweet ylang ylang and precious bois de rose essential oils, inspired by spring nights in Southern California, Love heightens feelings of romance and euphoria. As it warms your home, Love blooms and shifts, unleashing the primal sensuality of earthy vetiver and dark patchouli. 

This jar contains a quartz crystal point that has been charged under the full moon to amplify intention and elevate your experience. 

This candle is made with a coconut oil blend to preserve the pure scent of essential oils. Burn with care on a fire-safe surface. Please burn with care on a fire-safe surface. To enjoy 50+ hours of burn time, trim the lead-free wick to ¼’’ and burn for 4 hours at a time. Replace the cap only after the flame is fully extinguished.

Screw on cap is great for traveling and for snuffing out smokey after-burn. Maintain ingredient integrity by keeping cap screwed on when candle is not in use. Candle is self-contained with no secondary packaging.

-7.5oz glass jar now shipping with quartz crystal

-Approximate burn time 50 hours

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