Enjoy this seasonally curated selection of our some of our favorites.  Layer them all to create a rich and hypnotic experience and enjoy them individually.  

+PEACE Interior Aromatic 

Purifying palo santo meets sweet frankincense and grounding patchouli in a fusion that quiets the mind and calms the spirit. An aromatic aid for meditation and creativity, Peace is a blend of natural woods and resins that have been used for generations to enlighten the mind, release negative energy, and create a sense of serenity.

+SPIRIT Aromatic Candle

Warm your soul with Spirit, an essential oil blend of tender green leaves and musky resins. As it melts, Spirit unfurls the ancient scent of warm, fossilized amber, and fresh Siberian fir needles. This candle is made with a coconut oil blend to preserve the pure scent of essential oils.

+SACRED Aromatic Incense

Consecrate the energy of your space with this 100% natural incense handmade with creamy sandalwood and purifying palo santo. Designed to elevate and protect your personal sanctuary, this ancient scent ritual calms the senses and harmonizes the home. Use it to clear negativity and ease yourself into meditation, or to create the feeling of a relaxing hearth-side fire.

+Black enameled metal burning bowl

Both chic and functional this 3" wide x 1" high bowl elevates your incense experience


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