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The perfect Holiday Duo- Enjoy our fan faves in one set. Create balance and harken the scent of a warm holiday bonfire, with the woodsy notes of sandalwood and palo santo. Mist or diffuse PEACE and burn some SACRED to elevate your space this Holiday Season.

PEACE is a blend for navigating the push-pull of a modern world — a scent of everyday meditation, a balm for the spirit, and a counterbalance for the unquiet mind. Crafted from a blend of purifying palo santo, ancient frankincense, and grounding patchouli, it is a reminder to embrace progress and let go of perfection. To breathe deeply before speaking. To listen first. To love ourselves. To love others for who they are. To breathe again. To exhale. To make space for what matters. And to remember that peace comes not when we open our eyes, but our minds. 

Scent Notes : Kindled sandalwood. Wisps of palo santo. Meditation at dawn. Midnight patchouli. Ancient frankincense.

How to use : Shake well before use. Mist fresh sheets, towels, or sofa to refresh your space. Get personal with it. Scent a favorite sweatshirt or reinvigorate denim. Get up close, too. Spray overhead, then take a walk on through. Yes, you can use our aromatic blends in an essential oil diffuser. Experiment with your ratio of water to aromatic mist or concentrate to attain your ideal scent level and reap the aromatherapy benefits. 

Each bottle contains obsidian for strength and protection, rose quartz for self love and love for others, and tiger’s eye for grounding—To keep the energy flowing.

16 oz. glass bottle. Made from fair trade, sustainably and ethically sourced essential oils that are free from synthetics, additives, or synthetic binders. Peruvian Palo Santo is verified by EcoCert and Cosmos Approved. 


Bring a SACRED ritual into daily routines. Lean into stolen moments of retreat. This powdered incense amalgamates two hallowed ingredients: Australian sandalwood and Peruvian palo santo. Sustainably sourced from trees that fall naturally and cure in the sun, Let them fill the space with the majestic spirit of ancient wood.

Powdered incense is free from charcoal, chemicals or other resin, resulting in a pure, exalted scent that lingers in the air like an unforgettable conversation. Each time you burn a hand-formed ridge, you connect with those who came before you, their incense embers burning low in clay vessels or mollusk shells. Look into the rising smoke to discover something more — a word, a vision, a SACRED memory.

SACRED is made from ethically-sourced Peruvian palo santo and Australian sandalwood. These trees have fallen naturally and are allowed to cure in the sun before harvesting.

How to use : Scoop into a fire-safe vessel, forming into a ridge or mound. Light with a lighter, extinguish, then fan the smoke outward with your hand. Look deeply into the ember burning low.

2 oz. glass jar of ground incense. 100% organic, pure, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Each jar contains a hand-turned crystal stone to elevate your rituals
Hand-blended in California.

Sacred scent | Ancient practice | Fragrance Ritual


We strive to create sustainable products that elevate your fragrance rituals. Our scents are rich in natural aromatherapy benefits and free from synthetic perfumes and additives that can disrupt the rhythms of the body. Speaking of rhythm, give our products a shake — each one contains a tumbled crystal that helps blend our scents with every use and, of course, keeps the spiritual and sensual energy flowing. 

90% of our packaging components are recyclable glass vessels. To save resources, we do not use secondary packaging for our products. Our natural fragrances are cruelty, phthalate, aldehyde, paraben, synthetic fragrance-free, and vegan. We work hard to bring you the best that nature has to offer and encourage you to use our scents as you forge a more conscious life. Let’s get high. 

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