Enjoy this seasonal trio of SPIRIT Interior Aromatic, WOOD Aromatic Candle, And SACRED Aromatic Incense. This set includes a 2.5" Selenite bowl for your incense ritual. This set arrives smartly wrapped in 2 crisp, black bandanas.

Mist or diffuse SPIRIT in your space, light your WOOD Aromatic Candle and burn some incense to create a rich and multi layered scent experience perfect for the season. Gift this unique curation to someone special, Set the stage for your Holiday gathering or Gift yourself this season. 

SPIRIT Interior Aromatic Spray

Warm your soul with SPIRIT, an essential oil blend of tender green leaves and musky resins. As it melts, Spirit unfurls the ancient scent of warm, fossilized amber, and fresh Siberian fir needles. This powdery fresh, earthy fragrance is an aromatic ritual that quiets the mind, and unburdens the Spirit.

To experience SPIRIT’s uplifting benefits, mist fresh sheets, the air, or your sofa to refresh your home. Add a couple of splashes into your essential oil diffuser with water and let WOOD fill your space with Aromatherapeutic benefits. 

WOOD Aromatic Candle

Transform your home with the ancient wisdom of the forest. This resinous candle is made with coconut oil base infused with the purifying scents of cedar wood, sweet marjoram, earthy vetiver, and aromatic cardamom. As it burns, WOOD frees your space from negative energy while enveloping your home in the quieting stillness of the deep woods.

SACRED Aromatic Incense

Consecrate the energy of your space with this 100% natural incense handmade with creamy sandalwood and purifying palo santo. Designed to elevate and protect your personal sanctuary, this ancient scent ritual calms the senses and harmonizes the home and creates the feeling of a relaxing hearth-side fire.

Manifest a sacred space through your own personal incense ritual. Scoop a portion of SACRED onto a fire-safe vessel, light with a lighter until a glowing ember forms, waft periodically to enhance the burn.   No charcoal necessary.



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