ALCHEMY Aromatic Candle

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Water into wine. Nothing into everything. Dust into life. ALCHEMY is an ode to the rich wilds of California, where miles of Mojave desert turns suddenly into miles of citrus trees. Our ode to a state that smells like anything’s possible, where people come to be reborn, where no one wants to linger too long, but no one wants to leave. Notes of bergamot and sandalwood lend a transformative spirit, while vetiver, geranium, and crushed lavender call attention back to the present. A hint of nutmeg and black pepper ties it all together — and just like that, disparate scents are reborn as something other and better. Call it mystery, call it coastal opportunity, or call it what it is: ALCHEMY.

Scent notes : Gilded bergamot. Sunburnt sandalwood. Earthy vetiver. Geranium and black pepper. Lavender crushed between fingers. The casual bite of nutmeg.

Each hand-poured candle anoints our signature scents with smoldering depth. As essential oils unfurl through the addition of heat, they produce a warm ambiance that lingers for hours.

How to use : Trim the lead-free wick to ¼” and burn for up to 4 hours at a time. Because our candles are made with pure essential oils, even a 20-minute burn will linger for hours. Each candle will last for up to 50 hours. Use your empty glass jar to grow something green.

Tinted glass jar. Airtight lid wards off oxidation, preserving the potency of essential oils. (It’s also travel-friendly.) Coconut oil base. Lead-free cotton wick. Made with fair trade, sustainably and ethically sourced essential oils free from synthetics, additives. Each candle contains a tumbled crystal stone to keep the energy flowing
Handpoured in Los Angeles, California

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