Person in bed with our aromatic concentrate made from natural essential oils. Use it to refresh linens or as a natural deodorant.

PERSONAL NATURE : Add a signature scent to your daily rituals. Our natural blends are made for Every Body. Only wash your hair once a week? Looking for a natural deodorant or hand spray? Our aromatics have you covered.

Woman in bed with our aromatic concentrate spray made from natural essential oils. Use it as a linen spray, personal fragrance or natural hair perfume.

HAIR Refresher

Buy some time ‘til your next wash. Gently mist hair and finger comb an aromatic mist from root to tips and repeat as necessary. Essential oils naturally deodorize instead of masking odors. Favorite hats and beanies can use a good misting as well.


The body CRAVES fragrance as much as the mind and spirit. REFRESH is a hybrid spray made from purifying ingredients and natural essential oils. Think sun-cured Palo Santo, wind-blown Lavender, warming Frankincense and Golden Jojoba. Use REFRESH as an uplifting hand refresher, all-natural deodorant, or subtle all-over fragrance. Damn, you smell good.

Jesse spraying his under arm pit with refresh aromatic hand cleanse and deodorant

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