Person in gym shorts holding a jump rope and our REFRESH 2oz aromatic spray made from essential oils, which can be used as a hand cleanser, natural deodorant or anywhere on the body.

AT THE GYM + ON THE GO : Our scents are made for you and whatever you're doing (and whoever you're doing it with). Take them along on red-eye flights, weekend road trips, and into sweaty locker rooms for that FRESH feeling.

Our aromatic concentrate in the front pocket of someone's jeans. Tuck our natural aromatic fragrance spray into a pocket or bag for use as a natural hair perfume cologne on the go.


In Times of Travel and Non-Stop Plans, Let CAPTAIN Take the Helm. Lavender Calms, Clears, and Inspires. Sandalwood Grounds Out, Bringing Down the Static. You’ll Smell Like a Mid-Atlantic Breeze and Feel Ready to Take on the Day (And an After-Hours Date, Too.)


Have A Cute Haircut But Only Wash Once A Week? Looking For An All In One Spray That You Can Use As A Deodorant, Hand Spray, Hair Refresher? Revitalize And Inspire Your Your Personal Daily Rituals.

Our Favorite To Use For Refreshing Gear Like Favorite Sweatshirts And Sleeping Gear. Mist The Inside And Outside Of Arm Pit And Stinky Areas To Get The Best Results. Spray In The Air And Walk On Through To Complete The Mission. 

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