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Enjoy this seasonally curated selection of our some of our favorites....

+SPIRIT Interior Aromatic 

Spirit combines notes of creamy Australian sandalwood and sweet buddha wood. Freshened with a burst of Siberian fir needle essential oil and Rooted by the ancient scent of warm, fossilized amber-This powdery fresh, and earthy fragrance is an aromatic ritual that quiets the mind, and unburdens the Spirit.

+WOOD Aromatic Candle 

Inspired by the sent of Northern California Redwood forests, This resinous candle is made with a coconut oil base infused with the purifying essential oils of cedar wood, sweet marjoram, earthy vetiver, and aromatic cardamom. As it burns, WOOD frees your space from negative energy while enveloping your home in the quieting stillness of the deep woods.

+CLEAR Aromatic Incense 

Soothing Organic French Lavender, Desert Sage from Taos New Mexico and California native San Luis Purple Sage from our herb garden clear negative energy and wash away stress with a fresh herbaceous alternative to a sage wand. Use the tools of ancient wisdom to create your own rituals. CLEAR space space through your own personal incense ritual.

+Black enameled metal burning bowl

Both chic and functional this 3" w x 1" h bowl elevates your incense experience.


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