REFRESH Personal Aromatic 16oz Refill

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Scent can fulfill countless needs from purifying the home to inspiring new ideas. REFRESH is proof that the body craves fragrance as much as the mind and spirit. Designed as a hybrid spray with both purifying and soothing ingredients, use REFRESH as an uplifting hand refresher, daily all-natural deodorant, or subtle all-over fragrance. We’ve perfected a blend of organic lavender, Ecuadorian palo santo, and Indian frankincense and combined it with organic cane alcohol and soothing golden jojoba oil and aloe vera for a product that soothes, protects, and resets. The result is scent that feels physical, honest, and endlessly adaptable.

Scent Notes : Sun-cured palo santo. Wind-blown lavender. Warming frankincense.

How to use: Designed with every body in mind, REFRESH, can be used as a hand-purifying spray, all-natural deodorant, or unisex fragrance. Spray it on any skin that needs a refresh or into third-day hair for a pick-me-up.

Handmade in California with distilled water, organic cane alcohol, and pure essential oils. 

Cleanse the skin | Reset the body | Scent every inch

*Ships By USPS Ground Service only. 1 x 16oz bottle per order/box. 

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